FOD statements 2017

'Don't you leave that dirty cup outside or we'll get rats'


'I can still see poo in the dog field'


'I've told you 100 times to shut the toilet lid or a snake will come up and bite your bum'


'Tilt the windows in the flat or they'll slam and I won't be able to get a Greek builder back in for months'


'Lock the bloody gate or we'll have somebody dump dogs in, you dumbos'


'Don't put two washing machines on at once or we'll lose our solar power'


'Don't have more than one phone charging or we'll lose solar power'


'Ask me before you put a wash on or we'll lose solar power'


'Don't use your own hair dryer or straighteners or we'll lose solar power'


'Keep the bathroom clean'


'Get the pots and pans washed up or we'll have bacteria and wasps'


'We need mindfulness at all times to work here'


'Put your egos to one side'


'Love without wisdom is harmful'


'Don't let anybody take your power away from you'


'Everything will be alright, we've survived an earthquake'


'It's like boot camp here, you'll go back 5 kilos lighter at least and with less mental baggage'


'The worst crime here is to not put things away. We're in a 'war-zone' here and could get and emergency at any moment and we need to be prepared'