Charity number for Switzerland: 117934
Charity number for Greece: 997919688

Marion Jarvis, President

Tel: +41 81 633 1914

Corona virus - news

We are trying to get permission to care for animals in need outside our animal centre on Kos, Stepping Stone, during this pandemic. Our veterinary practice assistant is unable to fly out from England at the moment and there is no qualified vet nurse on Kos to replace her (the qualification simply does not exist in Greece!). As we only take on qualified veterinary practice assistants (the risks of illness and stress, as well as health and safety threats, are otherwise too great), our team will be much smaller in early summer this year.


We have a team on hold that will fly out the minute we get clearance, which I doubt will be before June. The GASAH committee has therefore decided to concentrate first on vaccinating, castrating, parasiticide-freeing, deworming and feeding the strays, so that they can return to the streets in better condition and not reproduce.


Any cats in serious need of assistance will be helped according to capacity and their neutering will continue as it has all year round, albeit in smaller numbers than the several hundred each year in previous years until all the team have arrived at Stepping Stone. The good news is, if we have enough financial support, that we will be working on site with a full team for longer than usual in 2020.


We are now forced to completely redefine our goals for spring and early summer so as not to overwork our team of two: our experienced animal carer, Holly Barden, assisted by volunteer Thomas Brathge. Our usual activities cannot be carried out by just two people, and groups of people are not allowed in any case due to the pandemic. In order to do the best possible work in a safe and professional manner and to support local animal lovers, our 2020 targets have been revised.


We will therefore not be taking any calls as we will have no secretary on site at start-up and therefore have no-one with time to man the phones. However, we are happy to assist you where capacity allows. If you need help, write to our Swiss team regularly checks incoming messages, and can answer your questions and relay information to the Kos team, thus allowing them more time to spend in the field. Our response to your enquiries may sometimes take a little longer than usual, but in case of an emergency please call a vet. If the situation is not critical, call us on +41 81 633 1914 for support, which will be provided on an individual basis in conjunction with our veterinarian's advice.


But rest assured – as soon as we get permission to fly to Kos and can resume normal activities, GASAH will be fully operational again!


Please continue to support us financially in these most challenging times. We depend on you!


On behalf of all the animals struggling more than ever in this crisis, THANK YOU.


Marion Jarvis, President

GASAH is an officially registered charity both on the Greek island of Kos and in Switzerland. Whilst our main fundraising events and administration work are carried out in Switzerland, most of our hands-on charity work is carried out on the Greek island of Kos, where our animal shelter, Stepping Stone, is situated. Our work on Kos includes animal rescue, castration projects and maintenance work on our sanctuary. We work hard to alleviate the suffering of dogs, cats and cows. All our helpers from Switzerland and abroad work on a voluntary basis.



All our committee members work without payment. Some do this animal welfare work practically full time. As well as this we have members who work with facebook and our homepage, plus translators and event organisers.

Your donations go straight to reducing animal suffering. Our work is led by competent people qualified in their area of responsibility, people who give up their time and personal finances to help, people who regard helping these victims of man's cruelty or ignorance as a privilege.