Charity number for Switzerland: 117934
Charity number for Greece: 997919688

GASAH Contact Details:

Marion Jarvis, President

Tel GR: +30 69 4271 6100

You can reach us by phone daily between 10 and 11 a.m. or e-mail to or text message to number above. E-mails and messages will be answered within 24 hours. In emergency cases, please contact a vet.


GASAH is an officially registered charity both on the Greek island of Kos and in Switzerland. Whilst our main fundraising events and administration work are carried out in Switzerland, most of our hands-on charity work is carried out on the Greek island of Kos, where our animal shelter, Stepping Stone, is situated. Our work on Kos includes animal rescue, castration projects, strategic planning, maintenance work on our sanctuary and summer camps. We work hard to alleviate the suffering of dogs, cats and cows. All our helpers from Switzerland and abroad work on a voluntary basis.


In Switzerland, we are there to rehome dogs whose owners are not able to care for them due to serious illness.


All our committee members work without payment. Some do this animal welfare work practically full time. As well as this we have members who work with facebook and our homepage, plus translators and event organisers.

Your donations go straight to reducing animal suffering. Our work is led by competent people qualified in their area of responsibility, people who give up their time and personal finances to help, people who regard helping these victims of man's cruelty or ignorance as a privilege.


Please help us financially to help them. We will gladly do the rest.