What is GASAH?

Greek and Swiss Animal Help (GASAH) was founded on 2nd October 2005 and is an animal welfare organisation based in Domat-Ems, officially registered both in Switzerland and in Kos, Greece. Primarily we are involved with relieving animal suffering on the island of Kos, Greece, through sterilisation and education. The stray dogs on Kos are regularly poisoned, run over and simply thrown out onto the streets. The majority of these dogs are not sterilised and therefore multiply without control. This situation is becoming worse as the economy falls into further decline. A few dogs get rehomed, namely those which have no chance of survival if left on the streets; however, this is a secondary aim. Our goal is to create change at root source and influence people's attitude to animals in general. In Switzerland our work involves helping Swiss dog owners who through illness or some other urgent reason can no longer care for their animals themselves.

We need YOUR help to help them. Every little bit helps:  by donating a few francs or even better, by becoming a member, thereby giving us regular financial support, which we urgently need in order to carry out our projects.

GASAH is officially recognised by the Swiss tax authorities as a charity organisation exempt from taxation. GASAH appears on the cantonal list of charities (Graubünden), which means that donations can be deducted from Swiss tax forms. GASAH is also officially registered and licensed as an animal charity on the island of Kos.