In Memoriam

David Jarvis, co-founder of GASAH

6th February 1955 till 15th February 2009

Monica Moser - 31.1.59-12.6.16

Any thanks are too small

for all you gave in your life.

You took care of your loved ones

from morning to night, day after day.

You were so humble in your life,

you knew only duty and work,

you were always satisfied with everything,

now sleep softly in silent peace.


On 2016.12.06 Monica Moser-Schäfle left us forever, leaving a huge empty space in our hearts.


Monica Moser adopted a dog from GASAH a few years ago. She had a close connection to Gipsy, which inspired her to work for us, providing valuable support at GASAH events and in other tasks. She was always willing to help us with our fundraising activities, such as dog rallies or Christmas stands. She also supported GASAH by attending the gala dinner at Marion's and, whenever possible, our general meetings and other events. She also used her excellent language skills to translate many texts from English impeccably into German.


Monica will be sorely missed and we sincerely hope that she has found the well-deserved peace she longed for.

 In gratitude and love, the GASAH committee


Esther Wagner: 4.4.61 - 2.6.17

Your life came to an unexpectedly quick end.

But the traces of your life, in thoughts,

Images, moments, will always remind us of you.

You will always remain in our midst.


On 2 June 2017, our warm-hearted sponsor Esther Wagner-Steiner left us much too early. The entire GASAH team is in mourning for her, together with her family, her GASAH dog Joey and her friends.


Esther was an active participant in our dog walks and was always extremely generous and helpful.

 Thank you, Esther, for letting us into your life!


Rita Felber

Rita adopted GASAH dog Lola in 2015. She was a wonderful person and we will sorely miss her.