Thanks to GASAH we now have a lovely home: 2018

Here are some of the dogs we placed this year.

Ari and Benschi

Friends for life: whenever we, i.e. Ari, Rocco, Lucia and Thuri, visit our friends in Bavaria, we meet not only Irmgard’s seven donkeys but also Benschi  (formerly Ben, from Kos). Benschi was flown over to Irmgard two years ago.  Due to the fact he had had his tail cropped, he couldn’t enter Switzerland. He had an operation on his hip, as he had probably been involved in an accident when he was a street dog. Now he tears through the house and yard and has become a happy well-adjusted fellow. We always enjoy our days at the splendid natural ponds and waterfall.
Ari, who is now 9 years old, is also from Kos and was found on a rubbish tip by David Jarvis in 2004 and has been with us since he was 8 months old. Today he is a super chappy, full of energy, ready to take a dip and look for stones,  always up for a bit of fun and activity.


This is a credit to all kos dogs. Mantrailing by Simone Eicke with her dog Tin, whom we found in a terrible state a few years ago and who had never been free from a chain, and now! Well done Simone and thank you for putting your trust in GASAH.