Memorable moments

12th AGM, 17th March 2018

The AGM in the Waldhütte Domat Ems and the fundraising dinner afterwards were a huge success. About 50 people attended and we raised over Fr. 8000.- in donations. 

10th dog walk in Hinteregg, 24th September 2017

This was a dog walk with a difference at a very special place called Hof Narr, a home for a variety of animals saved from the slaughterhouse. Over 30 people and about as many dogs took part and we raised Fr. 1300.- 

Thank you to Sarah and Georg from Hof Narr for organising this wonderful day for GASAH. 

9th GASAH dog walk in Schiers, 11th June 2017

A wonderful sunny day, with 11 dog walkers and almost as many happy dogs. We raised a total of  Fr. 2015.- Many thanks to all our generous supporters.

8th GASAH dog walk in Altstätten, 29th Jan 2017

A glorious day, good atmosphere, happy dogs and people. We raised a total of Fr. 1440.-

7th GASAH dog walk in Gams, 5th June 2016

We raised Fr. 2830.- for GASAH on this dog walk. Who would be willing to organise the next one, in a different area?