You want to rescue a dog from Kos

GASAH would like to remind tourists to Kos that it is illegal to export an animal unless the rabies injection has been given three weeks before departure from Greece; check with your own country's veterinary authority re the laws for your country. Dogs or cats which are not ready to fly can be boarded with us at Stepping Stone by arrangement (if space available) until they are ready to go.


Rather than encouraging exportation, we urge you to consider donating to GASAH to enable us to sterilise more animals, thus saving the lives of thousands of unwanted pups, rather than sending one to paradise and thus indirectly ensuring that the problem of street dogs is never really tackled at grass roots. Nevertheless, as in war zones with humans, we believe it is our duty to help creatures, whatever nationality, where we can. GASAH's policy, however, is to endeavour to export fewer dogs than we sterilise.  Our aim is never to export a dog which does not have a caring environment waiting for it in Switzerland or elsewhere. This ensures that in normal circumstances, no dog from GASAH ends up in an animals' home and that no dog is imported to Switzerland that is not behaviour tested and legally immunised and examined by a veterinarian many weeks prior to export.


In this way, due to our professionalism and long-term strategy to prevent animal suffering, we gain the respect from the vets and the authorities here. Providing the number of exported dogs does not exceed the number we sterilise, we feel that we are on an intelligent animal welfare path, which is more likely to promote long-term change and which will in the end save more lives. Please be aware that every female on Kos can produce a litter of 8 pups per season, which means up to 16 per year.