GASAH wants to undertake a big project, called "Free Fritha and Friends". Fritha is a Greek name and means "peace".
Brandon Bowen, our volunteer and farm animal expert will lead this first ever project on Kos:
We want to extend a barn to prevent severe suffering of some bulls! 

We will build out from the existing barn. We'd like to build an outdoor exercise area where they can lie down, drink, eat, get access to shade and most importantly, where they can be free from the ropes and chains! 

The bulls are painfully chained at the head. 

Their legs are tied together. 

These animals can never lie down, not even to ruminate!

In order to realise this project, we need 3000 Euros as soon as possible. 

Please help us to help them! 

It is really urgent. These poor creatures are suffering more and more every day!