An inspirational, heart-warming story about how one couple bravely faced death - a taboo subject tackled from a refreshingly positive angle with humour, authenticity and advice.

The Amazing Eyebrow was written by GASAH President, Marion Jarvis-McLean, to raise funds for GASAH and is available in both German and English. It is dedicated to much loved GASAH co-founder, David Jarvis, who due to an early terminal illness is sadly no longer with us.  Without David, there would be no GASAH in its present form today, no financial support when we desperately need it, and no rent-free house and land for GASAH. The latter are essential for a small organisation operating on a very limited budget. GASAH receives no financial support from the Greek authorities and relies wholly on donations to do its life-saving work.



Order your copy by E-mail from (hardback copy 25 euros, including postage and packing)