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All our dogs are behaviour tested by experts to ensure they are of sound character and suitable for rehoming, all are for many weeks or months in our care BEFORE rehoming so we have a better idea of their state of health and character and all are tested for the main possible diseases sometimes spread by ticks and sand flies in warmer climates like Greece.


All dogs are fully innoculated, regularly wormed and regularly treated to prevent any external parasites.


Tissy, female, born October 2017, sterilised, weight 16 kg, height approx. 50 cm, colour:  black `n tan.            

 Character: affectionate, playful but shy. Tissy is not used to loud noises but is still young and does not freak out; she is malleable and very good with other dogs; she is not an alpha dog. She is not very interested in cats but she has not been here long so we will test again when she is more confident.

 Dreamlike on a lead after two training sessions - does not pull.

She is wary in traffic, but does not freak out. Shy at first of strangers but not a problem, warms up quickly. Not hyperactive nor a big barker but a lively, normal young dog without training, so one begins with an empty, unadulterated bare slate to work on and she learns fast and is intelligent. Would make a lovely companion or a family dog .She is kind, gentle, shows no sign of aggression whatsoever. She probably has some Alsation in her breed mix. She is not demanding, accepts her situation with ease BUT needs help in certain new situations she will meet inside a home. So far has been very clean in her kennel too. We can thoroughly recommend Tissy, she is kind and would be equally suited to a family with kind children over 5 or a sporty single person or couple of any age who have a bit of patience to help her adjust to new situations.

 Tissy was found discarded near a hotel in Kos town.