We're looking for a home

All our dogs are behaviour tested by experts to ensure they are of sound character and suitable for rehoming, all are for many weeks or months in our care BEFORE rehoming so we have a better idea of their state of health and character and all are tested for the main possible diseases sometimes spread by ticks and sand flies in warmer climates like Greece.


All dogs are fully innoculated, regularly wormed and regularly treated to prevent any external parasites.



Zorba - reserved

Zorba, male, setter mix, born approx. December 2018. If we can find a good home for him, we can keep him on Stepping Stone after castration. Like so many hunting dogs, we presume he was abandoned and left to roam the streets. He was brought in for sterilisation only but we would love to find a home for him. If we are forced to release him, we will make sure he is fed and given water regularly. We are not ashamed to be honest. GASAH must concentrate on the sick and injured as we do not have enough staff to cope this year due to the corona crisis. We have taken in 12 new patients needing medical care in a 20-day period. This means that if we keep healthy dogs like Zorba, plus keep up the sterilisation work, we would not be able to cope any more. Please help us find a home for him.

Boo - reserved

Angel - reserved

Evie - reserved