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Tokas - reserved

Male, castrated, medium sized, mixed breed, fully grown. Black with white on chest and paws

DOB 4/17

40 cm tall

Happy dog, great with other dogs

Working on leash training 

Would be good in an active home with children 7+ to play with

Loves retrieving.


Serenity is a blind, 5-year-old sterilised female dog.

Mixed breed, medium sized dog, 35 cms high, 17 kgs.

She will need a special needs home; she maps the area quickly.


Thesis: male, castrated, setter

DOB 04/17. 58 cm tall, 20 kg

Shy boy but warms quickly 

Good with other dogs, needs further leash work

 Needs confidence building.


Female, sterilised, labrador / hunting dog mix

DOB 08/17, 58 cm tall, 27kg

Loves other dogs, needs confidence building.

5 Welpen

5 spielfreudige Welpen, geb. 16.04.18 – Mischlinge, aus dem gleichen Wurf. Sie werden als erwachsen mittelgross, sie haben mittellanges Fell.

Thresses - before and after beauty treatment

male Jack Russel, sterilised. DOB April 2016, 33 cm tall, 10 kg. Gentle, playful dog, good with other dogs.