We're looking for a home

All our dogs are behaviour tested by experts to ensure they are of sound character and suitable for rehoming, all are for many weeks or months in our care BEFORE rehoming so we have a better idea of their state of health and character and all are tested for the main possible diseases sometimes spread by ticks and sand flies in warmer climates like Greece.


All dogs are fully innoculated, regularly wormed and regularly treated to prevent any external parasites.


Beautiful Andalusian mix, born June 2018, sterilised, 58 cm high. Tollia is a friendly dog, loves the company of other humans, is intelligent and very quick to learn. She is good in traffic and perfect on the lead. We are looking for an experienced owner as this is a large dog. She is not a fan of cats!


Percy, Spaniel mix, born June 2018, male, castrated, weight 11 kg, height 41 cm. Coat medium length, black/white.



Mabel, German short-haired pointer mix, born May 2017, female, will be sterilised shortly, weight 20 kg, height 40 cm. Coat: mottled black/grey. Gentle, friendly, well socialised.