We're looking for a home

All our dogs are behaviour tested by experts to ensure they are of sound character and suitable for rehoming, all are for many weeks or months in our care BEFORE rehoming so we have a better idea of their state of health and character and all are tested for the main possible diseases sometimes spread by ticks and sand flies in warmer climates like Greece.


All dogs are fully innoculated, regularly wormed and regularly treated to prevent any external parasites.

Aifa - reserved

female, about 8 years old, 35 cm high. Aifa is shy till she gets to know you. She is good on the lead, house- trained, good with other dogs and cats. We are looking for a quiet home for Aifa.



male, castrated, 35 cms high, about 3 years old. Mason is in good health; he would be suitable for a first-time owner. He is good with other dogs and cats.


Ajax is super self-confident and social with both his siblings and humans. Ajax was the first puppy we rescued from the mountain and since then he has given us his full confidence and loves to interact with both humans and his siblings and to play with his toys. Ajax is always close to us and he travels very well in the car. He shows very promising behaviour; he will become a loyal, confident and trustful companion.


Argos is quite shy and fearful, but his confidence in people is growing day by day. He is playful with the other puppies, but he is the most nervous of the first 4 rescued from the mountain. He is friendly, shows no aggression and is happy when he can sit and cuddle. We see daily improvement in him. He voluntarily comes closer and shows interest in rope toys when we try to play with him (squeaky toys still frighten him a little).


Eros is the biggest puppy and weighs over one kilo more than the other six! He is somewhat anxious, but is gaining more confidence; every day he comes closer and closer, and once you hold him, he becomes quiet and enjoys cuddling. He plays nicely with his siblings, shows good social skills and enjoys his food!

Vouno (means mountain)

Vouno is a black and brown male from the second rescue mission. He is still nervous and anxious, but shows no aggression and enjoys it when we rub and cuddle his belly (he falls asleep on your lap). He is the most confident of the last 3 puppies rescued from the second mission. He is showing promising signs that he will be a handsome, confident and trusting dog.


Vip is very friendly, but also very timid. He finds people very scary and pees a little when we pick him up. However, we are confident that this will subside in the course of the coming week. We are sure he will soon interact more with his siblings as he explores his new surroundings and gains confidence in these new two-legged creatures!


And finally... A GIRL! Venous here! She is the only female of 7 puppies. She is very gentle and quite shy. She feels safe with her brothers and we will see how she interacts socially with other dogs and humans once she has built up some trust and gains confidence. She is great for cuddling and we look forward to seeing her grow into a beautiful, confident dog.


Luan is male, 10-12 months old, castrated, 26 kgs and 60 cms tall. He is good on the lead and well soialised. Suitable for a first-time owner.