We're looking for a home

All our dogs are behaviour tested by experts to ensure they are of sound character and suitable for rehoming, all are for many weeks or months in our care BEFORE rehoming so we have a better idea of their state of health and character and all are tested for the main possible diseases sometimes spread by ticks and sand flies in warmer climates like Greece.


All dogs are fully innoculated, regularly wormed and regularly treated to prevent any external parasites.


This is Ella; she is a black and tan pointer. She is approximately 59cm heigh, weighs 16kg, approximate date of birth 01/6/18. She's a happy energetic dog, good on a lead, will needs lots of exercise, good with other dogs. Shy at first so new owner will need to go slow.


This is Fawn. She is a small mixed breed weighing 6kg, approximately 28cm high and her birthdate is roughly 12/04/2019. She was found with injuries possibly from being hit by a car. She has had surgery to correct the injuries and will need strict rest until everything is healed. She is a brave, sweet natured dog who loves to be cuddled. She needs a home with lots of love and patience to help her heal.


This is Mojo, a pointer, approximately 3 years old and approximately 60cm high. He was found going through rubbish bins to try and find food. He's quite shy to start off with but once he gets to know you he is playful and will love you . But once he knows you he's not so scared. He loves to play and run around with the other dogs, so his new owner will need to make sure he gets plenty of exercise. He is good at walking on a lead and has no interest in cats.


This is Fanta. She is a sterilised Spaniel cross approximately 38cm high, and weighing approximately 10kg. Her birth date is approximately the 1/8/2018, making her just over a year old. She has been possibly mistreated in the past so at first is very shy. But with a lot of love, patience and training she will be a great dog. She is great with other dogs, and shows no interest in cats.


This is Bina, a sterilised female, born approx. 23 August 2016. She is a beige and white coloured mixed breed, height approximately 75cm, weight approx. 30kg. She is friendly with all dogs and people, suited to someone who has time for plenty of exercise with her and somewhere where she is not alone for long during the day as she prefers to be around people or another dog.