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All our dogs are in our care for several weeks before they are placed. In this way, the true character of the dog can be assessed and the immunisation programme correctly, legally and professionally implemented. All our dogs go through a thorough medical check-up, both for blood count and leishmaniosis, although this is not specifically required by Swiss law and although the disease is hardly existent on Kos. GASAH works professionally and with great responsibility and care. A personal interview is carried out with each potential GASAH dog owner so that we can be sure both dog and potential owner are well suited. All our dogs are immunised, chipped, wormed etc. before exportation. Dr Iselin from the veterinary sugery Perl/Iselin/Regi in Chur has treated many GASAH dogs and says: I am most impressed with GASAH dogs, I have never come across one single GASAH dog with a character problem. They are all good-natured. 

If you want to come to the beautiful island of Kos and choose a dog to take home, we can help you with accommodation, tips and information. In Kos, you can take the chance to get to know our animals for adoption. This enables us to see if dog and owner are ideally suited to each other. Our specialists are on site and we place our animals with competence, love and wisdom. Combine a beautiful holiday with a no-obligation visit to our animal centre, where you will gain an insight into our work. In addition to dogs, we are also trying to make a life without suffering possible for cats and cows.

If you want to adopt one of our dogs, please contact gasah@spin.ch


German shepherd mix, castrated male, about 2 years old, medium length hair. Planet was rescued from a neglected life on a chain. He is very good with people and other dogs, needs more training on the lead. He is affectionate and quick to learn. He is a large dog who needs an owner who likes training; not for a first time owner. Otherwise he easy to have and is very sweet, a true, loyal companion, who wants to enjoy exploring life and catching up with all he has so far missed in life. He needs to be wanted and cared for in competent hands.


sterilised female, about 18 months old, short hair. She is very affectionate and good with people and other dogs. She is house-trained, lively and playful but not hyper! A very sweet companion, needs a bit more training on the lead but she is not a big puller and learns fast. When she greets you, she is so happy to meet you, she raises her lip as if to smile.


Stratty,male, born approx. September 2016, approx. 38 cm tall, castrated. Stratty is good in traffic, good with people and with other dogs. Who could offer Stratty a lovely home?


Female,sterilised. Breed: Labrador mix. Height: yet to be confirmed, weight: 17kg

Colour: yellow/brown. Estimated DOB: May 2016

Sable is a friendly playful dog. She likes to play with toys and is social

and well -behaved with other dogs. Sable walks well on a lead; however, she

will need a confident, experienced owner who will continue her training.

Sable gets very excited when she sees chickens so a home without them is

essential. Cats yet to be confirmed but no worrying reaction to Steppy, our

Stepping Stone cat.

Sable should be homed with children over the age of 10 as she can be

excitable sometimes. We had some older children around 15/16 years old visit the plot and Sable was fine with them. She is good around cars and traffic and travels well in the car. She is also a confident character.


Male, Alsation size, mix, castrated. 

A lively, friendly dog, male, aged about 2 years old. Good with most other dogs but not cats.

This beautiful creature needs an experienced owner, willing to spend time training and teaching Persa some good manners although his over-friendliness is largely due to the fact he has far too little exercise. With long walks Persa will flourish and provide a great companion for a sporty owner or couple who like training and developing a dog, watching it grow and learn, and Persa is a fast learner.