Are you on holiday on Kos and want to help?

Dear Tourists

Welcome to the beautiful Greek island of Kos. We are an animal welfare organisation called GASAH (Greek and Swiss Animal Help), registered both in Switzerland and on Kos. Our work involves relieving animal suffering on Kos.
During your stay,

- if you find an injured animal and need our support

- if you would like to adopt a dog

- if you would like to learn more about our welfare work

- if you would like to visit our sanctuary, Stepping Stone please contact us, preferably by e-mail or text message. We would be delighted to show you around and also to provide transport as long as we are not involved with an emergency at the time.

If you would like to come and visit us on Stepping Stone, please send an e-mail or text message to make an appointment.

How to find us? Go to Stepping Stone on our homepage and see the directions.

Marion Jarvis, English + German:  
Mobile Kos +30 69 4271 6100                                          
We wish you a very happy stay in your hotel on this enchanting Dodecanese island.

Do we take all animals to our sanctuary?
No, it's impossible. Experience shows that small, healthy animals usually get  help. We prioritise in view of:

our time (we all work voluntarily in our free time)

  • our finances (we rely on donations)
  • space availability
  • health of animal
  • each individual case, which is carefully analysed
  • the work support we have at any given time

Looking after animals correctly requires experienced, qualified staff for health and safety reasons, also for understanding animal behaviour and early onset of disease. GASAH has volunteers on site but all are supervised by at least one experienced, qualified member of staff at any one time.