Off-site work

Eighty percent of our work is off-site; our aim is to help improve the quality of life for as many animals as possible here on Kos and sterilise as many as possible, not just the ones for export! The females, who have no chance of export anyhow, are all identifiable, as they receive a small mark on the ear from our veterinarians to show they have been sterilised. This is customary procedure in animal welfare, thus avoiding a second, unnecessary anaesthetic. We do this to the chained dogs, in case they break free, and street dogs and cats have their ears snipped.


Much of our work with the animals on Kos involves local Greek citizens, who we have cooperated with and come to love since 2001. The many contacts we have built up with these people over the years means we have help and support on a regular basis.  We cherish this team work, which all goes to the benefit of their animals on Kos island.