Our animal centre Stepping Stone

Visitors are welcome to visit us from 15 May till 5 October 

Mondays to Thursdays between 17.30 and 18.15.

Sorry, we're not open to visitors Friday to Sunday.

No appointment necessary.

How to find us

Follow signs to PYLI (centre of Kos island) and go to the centre.

Find big church in main high street opposite Katrina’s hairdressers.

Turn left at church.

Follow this road to the end, then turn left towards Amaniou. In Amaniou go up the hill past Antoni’s mini shop on the right, continue till you reach a small church.

Turn left at church, the sign by the church points to Zia. Follow this road for about 2 kms till you see Stepping Stone sign on the left.

Road OK for cars.

Follow track down to Stepping Stone – about 800 metres.

Stepping Stone is the name of our animal centre on Kos. The name is symbolic and means "taking a step towards a new life". The film below was made in 2014 and gives insight into our work on Kos.

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Every animal that gets help at Stepping Stone gets remembered and respected with love, fairness and affection.

Statistics 2018

In 2018 we sterilised 50 male and 35 female dogs, also 260 cats. As well as that, we had 40 dogs and 43 cats in our care. Sometimes local people brought their pets to us to care for. In winter, we plan to sterilise about 30 more cats.

In 2007 over a 4000 square metre piece of land was privately purchased for GASAH on the island of Kos, Greece. A few years later Stepping Stone was born.


Way out of sight, down a rough track with no water, no electricity, no planning permission, no houses, no toilet and no other amenities, a complete environmentally- friendly animal centre with accommodation, water, solar-powered house with mini clinic  and other amenities on site emerged. The sanctuary was completed in 2012. Thanks to donations, we now have superb, sheltered kennel facilities, a separate quarantine area for incoming dogs and cats, a separate cattery and three large runs with built-in play areas. Nothing is easy to achieve in Greece, yet this was achieved in spite of all the bureaucracy and delays involved, due to the energy of our dedicated committee, helpers and supporters, who just kept on keeping on. Our motto was simply: The animals need GASAH. This was the driving force for us all. Just seeing the helplessness and suffering and then the happy results achieved since 2005, was the main source of inspiration and reward enough. In short Stepping Stone now:

  1. offers refuge to injured animals and those in grave danger.
  2. serves as a recovery centre for post-sterilised animals. Sterilisation is one of our main aims to prevent further suffering and further, unwanted puppies.
  3. provides care and facilities for animals awaiting rehoming.
  4. offers work experience and/or a working holiday for volunteers.
  5. is a base from which to go out into the field to improve the lives of cows, dogs and cats, and to give free advice to animal owners who just need guidance and help.
  6. is an oasis for sharing ideas, talents and love; it is not just a place for our 4-legged friends but also for the 2-legged.

Memory stones

At Stepping Stone, our beautiful animal centre on Kos, every animal that passes through gets remembered and has their name carefully painted onto a stone. This way we can remember those whom we were able to heal long after they have stepped out and moved on and those too, whom we were unable to save. This way, each soul remains in our hearts and sends out love into what is our our daily working environment for much of the year, and thus becomes forever part of the magical atmosphere at Stepping Stone.

Cat villa at Stepping Stone

The mini cat hospital

Quarantine area for the dogs

..... with a winter and rain proof roof.

Stepping Stone and the "GASAH house", as we all like to call it, was and is NOT financed by GASAH. We are not in a financial position as a private organisation to do that. The house was built by a private person and is in private hands. It was built with the sole, altruistic purpose of being used as a base from where Greek and Swiss Animal Help associated activites can be carried out for an undefined period of time. In this way we can save the organisation any rental costs for using the privately owned land and use of the building. The organisation has no rental costs or mortgage for the facilities made available to us, has a beautiful environment in which to welcome and educate people, and thus all sponsor money the organisation receives can go straight to where it is needed, namely for the animals.