Volunteer work on Stepping Stone 2018

This year's team

Without our two trained animal carers, Timo from Switzerland, and Nicole from the USA, life  would be much more difficult for Marion and the volunteers. We are so grateful to have these two wonderful people this year.

And here are the volunteers....

Our team in May: Kirsti, Minna, Amelia, Timo, Leah and Marion. Nicole missing as she took the photo.

Timo at the start of the season, setting everything up before the first volunteers arrive.

We start work early, as soon as the cock crows; that's when the temperature is pleasantly cool.

These two cats were sterilised by GASAH - and they seem to appreciate it!

One of our volunteers writes: There is a beautiful wood in Plaka, in the middle of the island. A lot of cats and peacocks live there. We brought a sick cat to Stepping Stone but I don't know if she's still alive as she was very apathetic and had a mouth infection. Petros and his wife look after the birds and cats in the park. His wife is always around and paints round stones, which she sells to the tourists in order to raise money to feed the animals. When we brought back sterilised cats to the park, she gave us a few of her lovely stones as a gift.