Volunteer work on Stepping Stone 2017

Our volunteers came from all over the globe. This year there were 28 in all and they were a huge support. They helped the sick and maimed, they brought their smiles, they worked hard.

 No thank you is good enough. Thank you every volunteer that helped at Stepping Stone in 2017 to improve the lot of the animals on Kos island.

This year's team

We are always pleased when people come to Stepping Stone on a regular basis to help exercise our dogs. Dogs walked a fair distance daily are happy dogs and become strong and well-behaved.

May-June: The first volunteers arrive: Anni from Finland, Marion, GASAH president, Agatha from France, Jeanine from the USA and in front Holly, our animal carer on site.

From left our volunteers: Carly (Australia), Anni, Jeanine, Holly and two tourists from Holland who have just adopted Faristo.

June team: Anni (Finland), Marion, Holly , Lizzie (England) and Tabita (Switzerland)

July team: Marion, Tabita, Jill (England), Iza (Switzerland) and Abbi (England)

Abbi and Tabita.

Iza feeding a kitten, Abbi looking on.

The August team: Katrina, Amanda, Marion, Andrea and Laura.

Marion and Amanda with tourists.

September team - from left: Dakota (USA), Kathi (Germany), Christine (USA), Tatiana (UK), Marion, in front Emily (USA).

October team - Chiara (Deutschland), Dakota (USA) und Emily (UK).