Off-site work 2017

Eighty percent our work is off-site; our aim is to help improve the quality of life for as many animals as possible here on Kos and sterilise as many as possible, not just the ones for export! The females, who have no chance of export anyhow, are all identifiable, as they receive a small mark on the ear from our veterinarians to show they have been sterilised. This is customary procedure in animal welfare, thus avoiding a second, unnecessary anaesthetic. We do this to the chained dogs, in case they break free, and street dogs and are found wandering the streets.


Much of our work with the animals on Kos involves local Greek citizens, who we have cooperated with and come to love since 2001. The many contacts we have built up with these people over the years means we have help and support on a regular basis.  We cherish this team work, which all goes to the benefit of their animals on Kos island.

Asteris - our first horse rescue

The previous owner was NOT purposefully cruel to this horse. He cared for it after the previous owner died and he cared enough to give it his best. He knew GASAH could offer it more and so out of love for the horse he encouraged us to take him. THAT is animal love. This owner should be admired for recognising that we can offer this lovely creature a better life. He is one of the caring animal owners. The problem is we must try to bring the care of animals in Greece up to EU standards. Every cow, every horse, every goat must have water to drink 24 hrs a day and shade and company. Horses and cows are meant to be with others free, not tied like most animals here on ropes or chains.

But believe me, this owner has a heart and his horse was not found like a skeleton like some we find, and the horse was regularly given water, unlike many here. BUT he knew we could offer it freedom and a better life so he encouraged us to take him. We admire that non ego attitude and so he has our greatest respect.

He wanted something better for his horse but economic difficulties exist here with many people on Kos island. Together we will try to improve standards for all the animals in Greece and try to show a better way and see that EU laws are adhered to, which say:

All animals must have access to water 24 hrs a day

All animals must have shade 24 hrs a day 

All animals must have exercise


This owner cared for the horse after the previous owner died and in this horse that man's soul will live on.

Love is what makes the world a better place and love has many forms.

GASAH will ensure the very best for this horse and monitor its welfare and send its previous owner photos until its life's end.


Please help us, we need 600 euros donations for his winter food. 

Towy, our earthquake baby

Look what the police rang us up about, washed up after the earthquake in Kos town, now safe with us on Stepping Stone.

While many tourists fled from Kos, we stayed here to help the animals.

GASAH sterilises over 21 cats at Asklepieion  some of them are brought in for medical treatment.

Another 10 sterilisations around Kos hospital, not far from Kos prison!

Yet another patient, run over and with a broken femur, needs an operation and good post-op care on Stepping Stone. Who would be willing to pay for the operation?

While planning this year's sterilisation programme, we discovered this totally blind kitty. Thanks to the loyal, passionate support we get from our friends at Modestos animal welfare, he has found a new home.

All in a day's work: All the dogs with our friends at the military base are treated for parasites and worms.