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GASAH finds many small helpless souls like these. We bring them  to the vets for emergency OPs and sterilisation. They then come to Stepping Stone for post OP care in the loving hands of our qualified staff. Please help us fund this costly, essential work. Without your financial support, we wouldn't manage.

A tragic road accident and a call to GASAH to go to Kefalos.

We gave the cat pain killers so that she could die very peacefully and beautifully in my arms after fatal internal injuries caused her to say good-bye.

Teddy - a story with a happy end

GASAH has alerted the police and the owner was arrested and will be prosecuted. This is a severe case of animal neglect and abuse.


This poor labrador is barely recognisable as a dog: severe malnutrition, severe ear infections, full of pus, skin so weak, all elasticity gone, just hangs, severe case of long left untreated dermatitis, inflamed joints due to scratching, severe hair loss due to malnutrition, covered in parasites, slimy drinking water, lying in its own faeces on a chain.


Meanwhile at front of owner's house, a tidy garden with flowers and cleanliness.




GASAH will be Teddy's voice; we have a lot of work to do to get this chap back to normal, if indeed that will ever happen. He got the best of care at our Animal Centre.


22 August: Teddy`s care begins in earnest with regular medicinal baths and good walks to build up the muscle slowly after a life of immobility; he was forced to lie in his own excrement, a life of filth on a chain. We also gave him liver every day to help treat his severe anaemia, after years of a bad diet and total neglect.


The story has a happy end. Teddy has meanwhile found a well deserved dream home.


GASAH introduces Rufus to his new home. Previously orphaned,  Rufus must have life within a herd. We rescued him from the dinner plate, bottle fed him through countless nights and fell in love with his wonderful character. Now he has grown it is time to move on to a home where we can regularly have contact with him, an absolute dream come true for the GASAH team. We at Stepping Stone are so happy for Rufus, who will always remain part of this wonderful GASAH family with a place in our hearts foreve . Long live Rufus the ram.