For Djanga

Death is something
Which comes to us all
And when we meet it
We need to 
walk tall.

Djanga walked tall
To the bitter end
And privileged we feel
for that time we could spend

Your frail little body
The weak wag of your tail
Your anaemic gums
That were
 oh so pale

But now it
s all over
Your loving energy at rest
You are free
 now free, my love
You had only the best.
The best of our love
In your last moments in Greece
And now little pointer
You are at one
, at Peace.
So just go
, gentle Djanga,
Take with you the love 
From our 1600 readers on Facebook 
Who say: " Fly up like a dove"

Just fly on
, sweet Djanga
And thank 
you all who cared
GASAH will never give up
Till lives like yours are spared.

Spared all the cruelty,
Spared all the pain
Of a life down on earth
Brutally ridden with pain.

So fly up, gentle Djanga 
Fly up like that dove
Knowing we all cared
Just bathe in our love.
We knew you so briefly
But we shared
, oh so much
And in that brief time
Our hearts you did touch.

So fly
, little pointer
Your life wasn
’t in vain
It has spur
red us all on
To do even more 
Again and again.

To raise far more funds
So more like you we reach
To combat the suffering
And to do more to teach.

To teach other humans
That animals do feel
They are not merely something
We eat at a meal

Nor something to chain up
Or let get riddled with ticks
They are creatures who feel,
Should not be left to get sick

Fly up
, little Djanga
Others wait for you there
Just bathe in our love
Just know that we care.

A loving little pointer
With weak wag of a tail
And anaemic gums
That were
, oh so pale...

Good-bye and thank you Djanga